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The standard approach to health care, for many of us, has been to rely solely upon a primary provider, in most cases an allopath (M.D.) or osteopath (D.O.)  There are an increasing number who are intrigued with the idea that you can improve your 'game'- both physically and mentally, by focusing on understanding the causes of discomfort, pain, tiredness, anxiety, muscle aches.   Many undesirable symptoms and conditions adversely affect not only the body but the way we think about ourselves.  Chronic conditions are becoming a normal occurrence for many.  Who do you trust?  The gold standard for any treatment or 'process of change' is, ‘Has it helped, worsened or had no effect?’

The Feldenkrais® and Somatic approach emphasizes learning what feels best by a de-constructing of the cycles of movement and rest.  It is scientific and intuitive.   In gentle, clear guided lessons, we begin to access our sensory awareness for the express purpose of recognizing what helps us feel better now and what we can do at home whenever we want to feel better. The lessons center on the power of selective awareness to effect these changes.  All of this is within a learning environment that is non-competitive, fascinating to experience and focuses upon feeling good.

Lynn Cosmos,  L.M.T.  is a  Guild-Certified  Feldenkrais®  Practitioner,  and gives Awareness Through Movement®  and  Functional  Integration®   lessons at Bodymind Awareness in Yakima           

Michael Moritz, L.M.T.  is a Certified Somatic Educator, and offers Restorative Bodywork and lessons in T’ai Chi/Qi Gong,  Integrative Yoga,  Moving With Ease,  Developing a Practice  and  Meditation: Cultivating Neutral at Stillpoint Resources

 ® is a registered trademark of The Feldenkrais Guild of North America                        


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