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S T I L L P O I N T   R E S O U R C E S



“If not for the point, the stillpoint, there would be no dance. . .and there is only the dance.”   T.S. Elliot               


Stillpoint began as an idea, with great hopes that the ‘work’ itself would open paths toward our self-development.  Many of us are searching for some connections between our intuitive inner heart and our intellectual outer world.  Grandparents, parents, educators, healthcare providers, students and retirees take steps beyond ‘waiting for a miracle to happen’ for living to be better.  We are individuals and a learning community, both, recognizing our common longings to bridge gaps back to our inner home – where peace and understanding heals.

Our ways of thinking and acting in the world create who it is we are, not who we think we are.  It is a wonderful opportunity and a profound responsibility to take over the reins, to open our hearts to ourselves, to each other and to our roles in the world at large.

Through investigating yoga, t’ai chi/qi gong, bodywork, meditation and a constellation of other personal interests and practices, we are actively cultivating pathways to understanding our selves and our world.  This inquiry process - an investigating of our primordial nature - is the linking of body, mind, life force and spirit – going beyond habitual intellectual assumptions.


We are multi-dimensional human beings composed of physical bodies, emotions, mental histories, and transformational aspirations.  This realization expands perspectives about how self-compassion supports us to take personal responsibility for changing unhealthy, divisive tendencies.  Self-compassion feels good, nourishes vital energies and motivates us to think outside the ‘intellectual’ box.  It acknowledges that everyone stumbles now and again, for life is about the potential for understanding.  It is about the difference between unconscious, conditioned responses and critically considering not only our selves and our children, but our world.  Turning our attention inward calms the mind and develops our common sense and common intelligence.  Choices become clearer and more intentional.

Ancient wisdom systems have laid paths to be over-layed onto our contemporary lives in order to form a creative, cultural context in which to choose our ways ahead. We all have deeply in our DNA that which will support our growth. 

We are discovering that quiet listening is the path to relaxing into a healing perspective and that questioning the answers with open curious awareness is key.  We are learning the essence of being fully human in a beautiful, albeit un-reconciled world. 


An intentional learning community, a ‘sangha’ in Sanskrit, is a small oasis within a given social system, within the desert of the world, in which life is lived with a totally different gestalt and vision:  where, when engaged, life is lived with prupose and meaning; where life is lived prayerfully, alert, aware, awake; where life is not just accidental, where life starts becoming more and more a growth in a certain direction, towards a certain destination, where life is no more like drifting along in confusion or mistrust.

Within the community experience, everyone has individuality, uniqueness and contributes to the whole by simply being in a state of presence.  Everyone is respected for whosoever they are.  There may be laborers and professionals, service providers and householders, students, parents, grandparents.  One thing is absolutely clear:  that your job makes no difference yet your individuality is intact and respected.  Job or no job does not give you any higher or lower status - it does not create any hierarchy.  Everyone works in his/her own way, in his/her own time.

It is a place where you see a range of experiences from beginners to people who have gone a little bit farther, and people who have given more time for the art and skill of understanding.  It is a place where you can see the whole spectrum of movement through stages, where you can see the journey in others.  It develops courage.  You know that you are not moving in a cul de sac, that you are not moving through some kind of illusion or hallucination, even though it seems so at times.  You see that continuing effort, done in a gentle, intelligent way, brings results.  You can see results when you look for it. 

Life itself can serve us to bring recognition that lost connections can be rediscovered and bridged.  Whenever we participate with a sense of community, we both give and receive from this deepening pool of intentionality and learning.  Self-compassion, our need to give ourselves time and space to become fully human, helps us to understand our commonalities with all human beings - a continuing reminder that cultivating kindness toward others and ourselves is integral to evoking the best in each of us.






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